The Chiero's BBQ pretty often...

This one is on 09/03/06

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Keep your eyes on the chair at right...
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Mine is not the only camera in attendance.
DSCF9392.JPG (667381 bytes)
Johnnie, it appears that we've exceeded the chair's performance envelope...
DSCF9393.JPG (608229 bytes)
Yep, only three legs now...
DSCF9394.JPG (515292 bytes)
Karen found it pretty humorous...
DSCF9395.JPG (924428 bytes)
But Johnnie just shook it off and had another sip of beer...
DSCF9396.JPG (830318 bytes)
DSCF9399.JPG (429853 bytes)
The peaches and grapes were on top of layers of melon.
DSCF9400.JPG (935494 bytes)
The teriyaki chicken was delicious by accident...
DSCF9402.JPG (1345939 bytes) DSCF9404.JPG (849293 bytes)
What would you like to eat?
DSCF9405.JPG (673331 bytes)
DSCF9406.JPG (913170 bytes) DSCF9410.JPG (1368425 bytes) DSCF9412.JPG (841546 bytes)
Babies always draw a crowd
DSCF9414.JPG (917551 bytes)
New mom relaxing and a dog ever vigilant for a treat
DSCF9415.JPG (759730 bytes)
The binky handoff...
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DSCF9426.JPG (747111 bytes)
In this shot I see his father
DSCF9427.JPG (734576 bytes)
But in the next one you can definitely see his mother
DSCF9428.JPG (549623 bytes) DSCF9429.JPG (631487 bytes) DSCF9430.JPG (583728 bytes)
DSCF9431.JPG (1337344 bytes)
We're starting to see traces of cupcake
DSCF9432.JPG (797172 bytes) DSCF9433.JPG (773768 bytes) DSCF9434.JPG (617223 bytes) DSCF9435.JPG (947872 bytes)
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DSCF9441.JPG (1025432 bytes) DSCF9442.JPG (944672 bytes)
WOW! And Harley, how did you get cupcake icing on your forehead?
DSCF9443.JPG (684302 bytes) DSCF9444.JPG (1049673 bytes) DSCF9445.JPG (590469 bytes)
And John wanted to be sure and mention his hope for back-to-back Superbowl wins.
DSCF9446.JPG (633614 bytes)
Mother and child
DSCF9447.JPG (915136 bytes) DSCF9398.JPG (294568 bytes) DSCF9448.JPG (867456 bytes)
I think Sally's asking a question...
DSCF9450.JPG (858484 bytes)
Not quite getting the point of how "Don't Spill the Beans" is meant to be played.

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