Bar-B-Que at the Chiero's on May 29th, 2005

Sally and Jesse in the pool

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Jordan in the pool with a frogman

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Say Cheese! DSCF0330.JPG (1367920 bytes)

Matt looking pretty serious for being in the pool.

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Mom and Karen DSCF0334.JPG (645263 bytes)

Debbi and Harlie DSCF0335.JPG (1363288 bytes)

Junior DSCF0337.JPG (1366917 bytes)

The Webmaster and his wife DSCF0343.JPG (1076898 bytes)

Jr., Sally, Marilyn, Lori, Karen, Anita, baby Dusten and Kathy

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Chyanne DSCF0363.JPG (138807 bytes)

And with the bike we gave her. DSCF0369.JPG (339495 bytes)

Lori DSCF0378.JPG (126098 bytes)

Michelle, Lori, baby Dusten and Mary during the game of Taboo DSCF0389.JPG (603386 bytes)

Jesse, Jordan, Chyanne and Alyssa focused on the Teeter totter

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Marilyn and Edna during the game of Taboo DSCF0393.JPG (53478 bytes)

Lori and baby Dusten DSCF0398.JPG (60902 bytes) 

Alyssa, Chyanne and Spiderman DSCF0408.JPG (31751 bytes)

Kissy, kissy DSCF0410.JPG (44893 bytes)

California Tee for our Texan DSCF0415.JPG (111278 bytes)

Chyanne's scooter, Vroom, vroom DSCF0417.JPG (117833 bytes)

Focusing on the work at hand DSCF0422.JPG (33463 bytes)

Chyanne, Alyssa and Hailey-Rose Lorene and Spidy DSCF0425.JPG (48653 bytes)

Alyssa and Hailey-Rose Lorene, cousins DSCF0427.JPG (53616 bytes)


 DSCF0428.JPG (114685 bytes)

Our Hostess DSCF0441.JPG (18370 bytes)

Chyanne rolling the die for Mommy DSCF0447.JPG (116993 bytes)

Yippee!!DSCF0457.JPG (116477 bytes)

This game is so exciting! DSCF0461.JPG (118617 bytes)


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Sally DSCF0483.JPG (37083 bytes)

Lighting was an issue apparently...DSCF0484.JPG (116708 bytes)

This is sooo fun...

DSCF0487.JPG (118419 bytes)

I won't mention any names but...DSCF0491.JPG (41959 bytes)

but really...DSCF0493.JPG (116693 bytes)

What can I say... I am a Blurt natural...DSCF0494.JPG (117238 bytes)

This is what happens when you warn them...DSCF0497.JPG (119242 bytes)

After a couple of drinks Marilyn likes to show off her muscles... DSCF0500.JPG (119033 bytes)

Say that again and I'll sock ya...DSCF0503.JPG (50317 bytes)

Lori lost a challenge...DSCF0509.JPG (38819 bytes)

Hailey-Rose Lorene doesn't smile for me...DSCF0511.JPG (30593 bytes)

Sally and Alyssa DSCF0513.JPG (39674 bytes)

This game is so competitive... DSCF0516.JPG (119674 bytes)

Alyssa and Hailey-Rose DSCF0519.JPG (116784 bytes)

Hailey doing pull-ups w/ some help from PJ DSCF0520.JPG (37510 bytes)

And her admiring audience...DSCF0521.JPG (63577 bytes)

PJ and his niece... DSCF0525.JPG (34438 bytes)

Matt, Marilyn, Jesse, Lori and some of Ashley's hair... DSCF0530.JPG (114804 bytes)

Our favorite shot of Jesse from this set... DSCF0531.JPG (116462 bytes)

Having one for the road... Chris was the designated driver anyway...DSCF0496.JPG (117788 bytes)

A short video clip, click on the picture...

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