5 of 7 Get Together

5 of the 7 sons and daughters of John and Mary Hope get together with their spouses and children and some special friends. During the evening the other two were called and were able to participate via cell phone.

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I brought my computer of course!
DSCF2917.JPG (618583 bytes)
Tom, Shelly and Jackson
DSCF2923.JPG (35906 bytes)
The Chameleon 
DSCF2925.JPG (446131 bytes)
Adam and Jackson
DSCF2928.JPG (253332 bytes)
Preparations and animated conversation
DSCF2930.JPG (187427 bytes)
Shelly was concerned that I was also video recording
DSCF2934.JPG (300022 bytes)
Add your own caption...
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The picture that Tom was holding in the last frame, that's him second row up from the bottom, just left of center
DSCF2937.JPG (226693 bytes)
The hors d'oeuvre 
DSCF2938.JPG (137768 bytes)
The wine of the evening was Pinot Noir from multiple vintners with Castle Rock being judged best overall
DSCF2943.JPG (163495 bytes)
Jackson is a little amorous 
DSCF2946.JPG (145918 bytes)
My lovely wife Sally enjoying the goings on
DSCF2947.JPG (168126 bytes)
Shelly and Adam
DSCF2948.JPG (604985 bytes)
Ann brings in Gracie
DSCF2949.JPG (457104 bytes)
DSCF2951.JPG (154584 bytes)
Tom sharing pictures with Randy
DSCF2952.JPG (156146 bytes)
DSCF2953.JPG (223212 bytes)
Kit arrives
DSCF2956.JPG (102916 bytes)
Katy tossing the salad
DSCF2958.JPG (160343 bytes)
Rosie meets Jackson
DSCF2957.JPG (90136 bytes)
Rosie's friend Stephanie (wondering who the longhaired guy with the camera is...)
DSCF2962.JPG (99992 bytes)
Pimpy Long Stocking (Pimp Daddy Randy)
DSCF2963.JPG (140877 bytes)
A board game called sequence
DSCF2966.JPG (249582 bytes)
The crowd mixes
DSCF2968.JPG (220135 bytes)
DSCF2969.JPG (205678 bytes) DSCF2970.JPG (108538 bytes)
That's right, gotcha!
DSCF2971.JPG (333606 bytes)
The Lasagna was delicious!!!
DSCF2972.JPG (217303 bytes)
Stephanie's attempt to levitate the table was  unsuccessful...
DSCF2974.JPG (116324 bytes)
She was however able to levitate her plate
DSCF2975.JPG (256607 bytes)
Tom flashing his gang signs
DSCF2978.JPG (237808 bytes)
Katy was very cooperative but Mike's another issue...
DSCF2980.JPG (145853 bytes)
Adam sneaking up on Laurel

DSCF2981.JPG (262985 bytes)
Tom and Jackson in dog heaven

DSCF2982.JPG (489992 bytes)
Stephanie enjoying a snack

DSCF2983.JPG (115926 bytes) DSCF2984.JPG (206605 bytes)
Rosie and Jackson
DSCF2988.JPG (219487 bytes)
Trying to get the marshmallow gun to work...
DSCF2990.JPG (244750 bytes) DSCF2994.JPG (221511 bytes)
Getting ready for a group portrait
DSCF2995.JPG (292804 bytes)
Before anyone left I wanted to get a group shot.
DSCF2996.JPG (318890 bytes) DSCF2997.JPG (330807 bytes) DSCF2998.JPG (334842 bytes)
And BREAK!!!
DSCF3003.JPG (140215 bytes)
DSCF3009.JPG (228434 bytes) DSCF3014.JPG (206937 bytes) DSCF3018.JPG (133765 bytes) DSCF3019.JPG (81251 bytes) DSCF3020.JPG (122302 bytes)


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