John and Marilyn's 32nd Anniversary

December 23rd we celebrated Marilyn and John's anniversary with a gathering and fun was had by all!

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T, Alyssa and Haley
DSCF2153.JPG (730005 bytes)
Kyle and Anna
DSCF2154.JPG (389707 bytes)
Anna wore this cute top
DSCF2156.JPG (698487 bytes) DSCF2158.JPG (651966 bytes)
DSCF2159.JPG (548283 bytes)
John and Jimmie Reed
DSCF2160.JPG (323880 bytes)
Anita and Justin
DSCF2163.JPG (556805 bytes)
I came up with too many captions for this one...(lol). Matt looks like a deer in the headlights...
DSCF2164.JPG (586512 bytes) DSCF2167.JPG (411398 bytes)
Nate and Justin
DSCF2168.JPG (448152 bytes) DSCF2169.JPG (614214 bytes)
Caught ya!
DSCF2170.JPG (499312 bytes) DSCF2171.JPG (595071 bytes)
My favorite part... The Cake!!!
DSCF2172.JPG (446031 bytes)
DSCF2174.JPG (628434 bytes) DSCF2176.JPG (575590 bytes)
That's a cute jacket Anna!
DSCF2178.JPG (453400 bytes)
Such a happy child!
DSCF2180.JPG (796302 bytes)
Nice and warm...
DSCF2183.JPG (513445 bytes)
Denise and her children.
DSCF2184.JPG (652812 bytes)
Haley had such a great smile in this one I just had to include it...
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DSCF2202.JPG (234326 bytes) DSCF2207.JPG (641230 bytes) DSCF2209.JPG (1018253 bytes)
Marilyn's gift to John
DSCF2214.JPG (402429 bytes)
Christian and Lori
DSCF2216.JPG (841056 bytes)
DSCF2217.JPG (474185 bytes) DSCF2219.JPG (818565 bytes) DSCF2221.JPG (636193 bytes)
Despite the flash Justin made the shot...
DSCF2222.JPG (629312 bytes) DSCF2224.JPG (546801 bytes)
DSCF2226.JPG (598200 bytes) DSCF2228.JPG (527711 bytes) DSCF2229.JPG (446827 bytes) DSCF2230.JPG (484378 bytes) DSCF2234.JPG (495038 bytes)
Caught ya!!!
DSCF2236.JPG (722900 bytes) DSCF2238.JPG (627691 bytes) DSCF2239.JPG (551447 bytes) DSCF2240.JPG (945618 bytes) DSCF2241.JPG (1092912 bytes)
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Marilyn cutting the cake and a volunteer for the first slice.
DSCF2251.JPG (331222 bytes) DSCF2253.JPG (381447 bytes) DSCF2255.JPG (897990 bytes)
Are we having a sing-a-long?
DSCF2257.JPG (907863 bytes) DSCF2258.JPG (1019434 bytes)
Lori lining up her shot...
DSCF2259.JPG (619046 bytes)
And she appears surprised that she made it...
DSCF2262.JPG (789312 bytes) DSCF2264.JPG (865756 bytes)
DSCF2284.JPG (619982 bytes)
Lori lining up another shot
DSCF2285.JPG (538208 bytes)
Looks like she didn't make this one... Lori, your not supposed to scratch on the eight-ball...
DSCF2289.JPG (432187 bytes) DSCF2294.JPG (537018 bytes) DSCF2295.JPG (424927 bytes)
What? Another sing-a-long?
DSCF2297.JPG (384146 bytes) DSCF2300.JPG (688251 bytes) DSCF2301.JPG (525017 bytes) DSCF2302.JPG (787469 bytes)
I put the camera down long enough to win a few games in the Pool Tournament. 
DSCF2303.JPG (758854 bytes)
My partner T keeping an eye on the action
DSCF2304.JPG (870000 bytes)
Can't blame me for this one
DSCF2306.JPG (625154 bytes) DSCF2307.JPG (413864 bytes) DSCF2309.JPG (437677 bytes) DSCF2310.JPG (491647 bytes)
DSCF2311.JPG (496609 bytes) DSCF2312.JPG (682283 bytes) DSCF2313.JPG (527543 bytes)
Matt posting the standings
DSCF2318.JPG (814065 bytes) DSCF2320.JPG (427622 bytes)
Jesse's REALLY got to go...
DSCF2322.JPG (272630 bytes) DSCF2328.JPG (880730 bytes) DSCF2329.JPG (639713 bytes) DSCF2330.JPG (199491 bytes)
Doomed to bundling...
DSCF2331.JPG (245105 bytes)
But she doesn't seem to mind too much...
DSCF2333.JPG (511512 bytes)
Rack 'em
DSCF2337.JPG (447856 bytes) DSCF2347.JPG (676815 bytes) DSCF2355.JPG (552738 bytes)
John getting into the act
DSCF2357.JPG (597334 bytes)
The only one Jesse knows is Darth Vader's theme
DSCF2360.JPG (429545 bytes)
Late arrivals
DSCF2367.JPG (445577 bytes)
Lori getting her boogie on
DSCF2375.JPG (734385 bytes)
Rachel, Lonnie and Larry
DSCF2376.JPG (664378 bytes) DSCF2379.JPG (283896 bytes)
DSCF2381.JPG (707979 bytes) DSCF2386.JPG (553395 bytes) DSCF2387.JPG (633233 bytes) DSCF2390.JPG (348928 bytes) DSCF2393.JPG (221722 bytes)
Matt getting his boogie on...
DSCF2396.JPG (342925 bytes)
And the audience reaction
DSCF2397.JPG (707277 bytes)
Lori was getting into it...
DSCF2401.JPG (509859 bytes)
Biting her lower lip and everything
DSCF2402.JPG (751548 bytes)
Starting to get fun now!
DSCF2407.JPG (442321 bytes)
DSCF2411.JPG (1077567 bytes)
It's getting close to midnight and T and I are playing Forest and Lonnie
DSCF2417.JPG (516640 bytes)
Lonnie lining one up
DSCF2421.JPG (640915 bytes)
Lonnie and Forest won, so now Sally and I get to go home...
DSCF2422.JPG (735127 bytes)
And we weren't the only ones tuckered out...
We wish to take this opportunity to thank Marilyn and John for a fun evening and wish them a Happy Anniversary and many happy returns on the occasion. -The Kid

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