On May 26th, 2007 my sister Megan Graduated from Sonoma State University. In addition to Megan's close friends and associates from the area,
Sally and I attended with my older brother Mike, having driven up together from Merced.

A lot of folks were in attendance
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Finding Megan would prove to be a little difficult in this crowd
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Oh, there she is... just behind the girl with what looks like an upside-down smiley face...(a little right of center)
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The happy grad!
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With Sally and I
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Her brothers
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The obligatory self portrait
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The whole gang
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P1090911a.JPG (1452944 bytes) I gotta find a WHAT?!?!?
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After the ceremony we adjourned to a nice little spot on the Russian river
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P1090932a.JPG (1278846 bytes) P1090942a.JPG (1842002 bytes) P1090965a.JPG (2214293 bytes) P1090971a.JPG (1806534 bytes)
P1090974a.JPG (1845714 bytes) P1090980a.JPG (1853964 bytes) P1090991a.JPG (1848400 bytes) Regrettably, one of the only pics from dinner
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    Some video of Megan's Commencement
    Some video of the evening's goings-on

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