Sally's new HD Night Wind Leather jacket!

We saw a jacket at Mitchell's Modesto HD that Sally really loved when we came back to make the purchase the one in her size was gone...
(Uh oh!)
We called the affiliate store in Jim town but they were closed today... We called Golden Valley HD in Los Banos and their sales person Sharene was accomodating enough to check their inventory and said "yes" that they have one in the size we wanted and she agreed to put our name on it. We drove to Los Banos from Modesto as fast as the law allows and were able to get our jacket. Sharene was the BEST!!! We had a coupon from MoTown HD for $25.00 off. I jokingly asked Sharene if they could honor it... she sincerely apologized and said she couldn't but could give us a 15% discount (yesss!) and the 2006 Collectible Tank Set. We want to express our most sincere appreciation to Golden Valley HD of Los Banos and to Sharene for the wonderful service and kind assistance in getting this limited edition jacket (shown below) for my loving wife.
-The Kid

Thanks Sharene!!!


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