Kenneth Stone and Family Spreading Service

Annual Banquet at Cool Hand Lukes


First I would like to express the appreciation I am sure all feel for the hospitability and generosity of the Stone Family for hosting this gathering. This being my first one I feel a little trepidation in putting into words the goings on but I shall try...   let the evening begin. If you click on the small picture you will get the full sized version. I took some 244 images but due to lighting and distance these are the ones I felt were worth posting.
Anyone that would like a CD with all 244 uncropped and unedited images can contact me for more information. 

DSCF1759.JPG (851173 bytes)
Danny and Debbi
DSCF1760.JPG (715280 bytes)
Jimmy and Corey
DSCF1761.JPG (387910 bytes) DSCF1762.JPG (887598 bytes)
Sally and Debbi
DSCF1765a.JPG (845529 bytes)
If you want the unedited version click here...
DSCF1766.JPG (1006970 bytes)
These guys look like they are feeling good!
DSCF1767.JPG (856739 bytes)
...Johnny and Andy are smilin'
DSCF1769.JPG (835134 bytes)
Steve and Paul
DSCF1770.JPG (535283 bytes) DSCF1771.JPG (779411 bytes)
DSCF1773.JPG (581867 bytes) DSCF1775.JPG (958390 bytes) DSCF1781.JPG (731210 bytes) DSCF1782.JPG (884522 bytes) DSCF1783.JPG (595236 bytes)
DSCF1786.JPG (645827 bytes) DSCF1788.JPG (565689 bytes)
Their preferred pose
DSCF1789.JPG (644754 bytes)

DSCF1790.JPG (477885 bytes)
I got a picture later where her eyes were open, I promise 

DSCF1791.JPG (566176 bytes)
DSCF1792.JPG (814750 bytes) DSCF1794.JPG (770573 bytes) DSCF1795.JPG (596620 bytes) DSCF1796.JPG (579818 bytes) DSCF1797.JPG (348807 bytes)
Hardly recognized him...
DSCF1798.JPG (246782 bytes) DSCF1799.JPG (443219 bytes) DSCF1800.JPG (413159 bytes) DSCF1803.JPG (267235 bytes)
And a close up of the ring may be found here...
DSCF1804.JPG (607624 bytes)
DSCF1805.JPG (295950 bytes) DSCF1806.JPG (477679 bytes) DSCF1807.JPG (603110 bytes)
DSCF1808.JPG (587642 bytes) DSCF1809.JPG (602988 bytes)
DSCF1810.JPG (498262 bytes)
Hey Bert...
DSCF1812.JPG (807983 bytes)
Ken, you blinked
DSCF1814.JPG (599195 bytes) DSCF1816.JPG (750728 bytes) DSCF1817.JPG (622013 bytes)
DSCF1818.JPG (429974 bytes) DSCF1819.JPG (531562 bytes) DSCF1820.JPG (556227 bytes) DSCF1822.JPG (409299 bytes) DSCF1824.JPG (983654 bytes)
Jill was the emcee for the gift exchange. 
DSCF1826.JPG (467132 bytes) DSCF1827.JPG (549517 bytes) DSCF1828.JPG (347671 bytes) DSCF1830.JPG (460920 bytes) DSCF1834.JPG (509917 bytes)
DSCF1838.JPG (1341643 bytes) DSCF1839.JPG (1329505 bytes) DSCF1840.JPG (412161 bytes) DSCF1841.JPG (713969 bytes) DSCF1842.JPG (531800 bytes)
DSCF1843.JPG (624506 bytes) DSCF1853.JPG (518201 bytes) DSCF1854.JPG (813070 bytes) DSCF1857.JPG (796747 bytes) DSCF1860.JPG (743213 bytes)
DSCF1861.JPG (581922 bytes) DSCF1863.JPG (354534 bytes) DSCF1870.JPG (386733 bytes) DSCF1872.JPG (856749 bytes)
Our servers
DSCF1873.JPG (497735 bytes)
DSCF1874.JPG (1334324 bytes) DSCF1877.JPG (1334402 bytes)
The purse really compliments your eyes...
DSCF1878.JPG (638422 bytes) DSCF1886.JPG (687403 bytes) DSCF1889.JPG (628348 bytes)
DSCF1892.JPG (642918 bytes) DSCF1898.JPG (456611 bytes) DSCF1902.JPG (498336 bytes) DSCF1911.JPG (1326535 bytes) DSCF1916.JPG (535311 bytes)
DSCF1919.JPG (814218 bytes) DSCF1920.JPG (1312906 bytes) DSCF1925.JPG (535623 bytes) DSCF1929.JPG (294006 bytes) DSCF1930.JPG (403015 bytes)
DSCF1933.JPG (582754 bytes) DSCF1939.JPG (240787 bytes) DSCF1941.JPG (305712 bytes) DSCF1942.JPG (749565 bytes)
See, I got the better one...
DSCF1949.JPG (378323 bytes)
And now for the door prizes... Steve was the emcee for this part
DSCF1952.JPG (297750 bytes) DSCF1953.JPG (796015 bytes) DSCF1954.JPG (590026 bytes) DSCF1957.JPG (930572 bytes) DSCF1958.JPG (861200 bytes)
DSCF1959.JPG (204052 bytes) DSCF1960.JPG (452222 bytes) DSCF1961.JPG (720991 bytes) DSCF1965.JPG (534859 bytes) DSCF1969.JPG (698750 bytes)
DSCF1970.JPG (457919 bytes) DSCF1971.JPG (466807 bytes) DSCF1973.JPG (324890 bytes) DSCF1974.JPG (384037 bytes) DSCF1975.JPG (663831 bytes)
DSCF1977.JPG (576674 bytes) DSCF1978.JPG (241517 bytes) DSCF1982.JPG (879181 bytes) DSCF1983.JPG (559063 bytes) DSCF1984.JPG (691455 bytes)
Jimmy got so annoyed at my picture taking he resorted to shooting spit wads at me...
DSCF1985.JPG (543356 bytes)
Paying respects to the hosts as they departed.
DSCF1986.JPG (410673 bytes) DSCF1988.JPG (715410 bytes) DSCF1989.JPG (376551 bytes)
See, I told you...
DSCF1991.JPG (581603 bytes)
DSCF1992.JPG (423449 bytes) DSCF1993.JPG (345792 bytes) DSCF1995.JPG (462732 bytes) DSCF1996.JPG (300899 bytes)
Looks like Billy got what he wanted...
DSCF1997.JPG (873991 bytes)
DSCF1998.JPG (1328362 bytes) DSCF1999.JPG (457901 bytes) DSCF2000.JPG (490707 bytes) DSCF2001.JPG (575398 bytes) DSCF2004.JPG (226872 bytes)

I would like to again express my most sincere appreciation to the Stone family for the evening and my current financial prosperity... and if there are any changes or captions the viewer might like added please feel free to email me and I will be happy to accommodate you...
- The Kid

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