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Our Ride to Auburn, 07/14-15/06

Sally and I accepted an invitation from Lori to come up to visit them in Auburn, CA. We left on Friday in the mid-afternoon and made the 150 mile ride up Hwy 99 in good time. We enjoyed the ride very much and even saw some Parachutists coming down just off of the freeway as we rode by. We got up there around 2:00 pm and wanted to go for a swim with Lori and the boys in one of the complex's pool. The water was a little cool at first but not unbearably so and we had lots of fun. The boys are not to comfortable in the water so lifejackets are a must but we worked to motivate them to acquire swimming proficiency. (As the child of a one time professional life guard water safety is paramount.) Lori wanted to get some sun so she lay on the grass for a spell while Sally and I worked with the kids. After a couple of minutes I started taking some photos of Lori and when Jesse saw that he insisted on getting in on the action. And nothing says "action" like a dripping wet child on your back!
Well, after a bit we needed to make plans for the rest of the evening. Kristian, Lori's boyfriend wanted to show Sally and I the Auburn Cruise Night and to take us to "Fast Friday" a local speedway event so we needed to think about food. The decision was made for Lori to go to the store to get some "fixin's" while we stayed at the pool and she would pick us up on the way back. As it turned out Kristian arrived at the same time and all of us returned to the apartment to change and eat.
Due to the hour it was decided that crackers, cheese and salami would be enough to tide us over until later, with some store bought sushi and cherries thrown in for good measure. After that Sally and I followed Kristian, Lori, Lucas, Jordan and Jesse over to an ATM, then across town to the Cruise Night where we saw a whole bunch of really AWESOME cars and a couple of  cool scooters. I took some shots while we were following, Lucas taught Jesse how to make a sign with his hand... Because we were running a little late we parked a block or so away and walked over to see the cars and stuff.
The local HD shops are raffling off a Sportster and I took a shot of that as well as two classic Indians. The cars speak for themselves. I have posted some 90+ pictures of the cars and bikes. We walked up and down the street and didn't see everything that there was to look at. I prefer the older cars and focused on them in my shots. I'm not as big of a car buff as a bike buff but couldn't help but be impressed. (The one car I was hoping to see but didn't is a '68 Plymouth Fury III.)

Cruise Night

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Out of the mouths of babes
DSCF8817.JPG (238943 bytes)
Taking the Cat for a walk
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DSCF8844.JPG (593641 bytes) DSCF8845.JPG (567520 bytes) DSCF8846.JPG (863808 bytes) DSCF8847.JPG (524358 bytes) We will start another page for the Speedway racing.

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