B-17 Flying Fortresses
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Flight Videos of Existing Forts My father trained as an aerial gunner on B-17s toward the end of WWII. He was transitioned to B-29s when it was realized that the war in Europe would end soon. The war ended before he completed training in the Super Forts, but he communicated his love of these planes to his sons. Whenever there is an air show or bomber touring close by I have to be there.
I had heard that you could donate to the CAF and get a flight on one but was never felt like I was in a position to pony up the ducats. Then in May of 2005 Fuddy Duddy came to the Merced Airport and was offering flights. I would not have parted w/ the money but my loving wife insisted and would not let it go. We went down to the airfield and the rest is, as they say, history.

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We have posted a page called Flyer's Journal that has some excerpts from the journal of  an aerial gunner flying w/ the 301st Bomb Group during the closing stages of the air war in Europe. It includes actual pages from the journal, you won't want to miss it!

My nephew Jordan and I went to the Castle Air Museum for Open Cockpit day, We love vintage aircraft!


There is a page here with names of the those who gave their lives in Vietnam whose hometown is listed as Fontana, CA along with a remembrance. -The Old Man

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Model 247 Precursor

Model 299 Prototype


Fuddy Duddy

Aluminum Overcast


Combat Photo

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