Team Moore Picnic

Andrea Moore's team decided to have a picnic and graciously decided to include the other teams in Bldg. A. Some random attendees from Bldg. B got the head's up as well. We are told that some 100 tickets were distributed. The turnout was good and fun was had by all.

Tiffany and Christine setting up the net
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The D Man getting the Q going.
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Talk to the hand? No... just camera shy
DSCF2924.JPG (800218 bytes)
Tina's not shy...
DSCF2925.JPG (714165 bytes)
And my crew...
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My wife and her lovely husband..
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Tiffany Nunes and her daughter Christine
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I brought my guitar...
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Some of the traffic on the lake.
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My nephew eating a hotdog sans bun...
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Amber's daughter Melena
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Amber Pederson and Marvin Graham
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2 Tiffanys...
DSCF2938.jpg (175570 bytes)
DSCF2939.jpg (201887 bytes) Gordon, Noah, Allison, Lin, Marvin and Josh in the way back.
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Alicia and her crewDSCF2941.jpg (257995 bytes) Getting ready for the egg toss
DSCF2946.jpg (231331 bytes)
DSCF2947.jpg (330392 bytes) Spectators
DSCF2948.jpg (301771 bytes)
The egg line gets ready
DSCF2949.jpg (438710 bytes)
Ready, set, TOSS!
DSCF2951.jpg (196039 bytes)
One appears to be falling short
DSCF2952.jpg (311065 bytes)
Toni's broke at her feet, Fawn's trying to hold on to scrambled egg and our winner is in the foreground
DSCF2956.jpg (474159 bytes)
Winner, winner, winner!
DSCF2958.jpg (173129 bytes)
And the ribs are making progress
DSCF2960.jpg (373499 bytes)
DSCF2962.jpg (178023 bytes) So, Marvin... Who's the water for?
DSCF2963.jpg (145483 bytes)
Floor Support...
DSCF2964.jpg (64035 bytes)
DSCF2965.jpg (212510 bytes) Obstacles to overcome?
DSCF2970.jpg (350641 bytes)
Cris, Lin and Elisa
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DSCF2973.jpg (309702 bytes) DSCF2974.jpg (197077 bytes) DSCF2976.jpg (188393 bytes) DSCF2978.jpg (222832 bytes)
DSCF2979.jpg (353892 bytes) DSCF2980.jpg (432230 bytes)


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DSCF3000.jpg (286557 bytes) DSCF3004.jpg (432987 bytes) DSCF3010.jpg (267660 bytes) Stephanie Edwards, her sister Lisa, her son T.J. 8yr, and her niece
DSCF3011.jpg (194465 bytes)
DSCF3012.jpg (194833 bytes)
DSCF3014.jpg (184997 bytes) DSCF3015.jpg (142952 bytes) DSCF3017.jpg (123060 bytes) DSCF3021.jpg (179625 bytes) Assembly, acknowledgements and a blessing...
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DSCF3037.jpg (420022 bytes) DSCF3038.jpg (309995 bytes) DSCF3040.jpg (247881 bytes) DSCF3041.jpg (311087 bytes) DSCF3042.jpg (338000 bytes)
DSCF3044.jpg (1340926 bytes) DSCF3045.jpg (276807 bytes) DSCF3046.jpg (290265 bytes) DSCF3047.jpg (265641 bytes) DSCF3048.jpg (336865 bytes)
DSCF3049.jpg (1325915 bytes) DSCF3050.jpg (193715 bytes) DSCF3051.jpg (333671 bytes) DSCF3053.jpg (374843 bytes) DSCF3054.jpg (396742 bytes)
DSCF3055.jpg (388945 bytes) DSCF3056.jpg (343457 bytes) DSCF3057.jpg (411970 bytes) DSCF3059.jpg (348863 bytes) DSCF3061.jpg (363323 bytes)
DSCF3063.jpg (219695 bytes) DSCF3064.jpg (187380 bytes) DSCF3066.jpg (325338 bytes) DSCF3070.jpg (253872 bytes) DSCF3071.jpg (384114 bytes)
DSCF3072.jpg (358398 bytes) DSCF3076.jpg (262852 bytes) DSCF3079.jpg (166773 bytes) DSCF3082.jpg (240899 bytes) DSCF3086.jpg (214789 bytes)
DSCF3087.jpg (347537 bytes) DSCF3090.jpg (255046 bytes) DSCF3101.jpg (147236 bytes) DSCF3104.jpg (436692 bytes) DSCF3107.jpg (317467 bytes)
DSCF3108.jpg (348646 bytes) DSCF3110.jpg (292583 bytes) DSCF3112.jpg (296514 bytes) DSCF3113.jpg (305527 bytes) DSCF3114.jpg (163094 bytes)
DSCF3120.jpg (408879 bytes) DSCF3124.jpg (368119 bytes) DSCF3141.jpg (272959 bytes) DSCF3145.jpg (236035 bytes) DSCF3156.jpg (129407 bytes)
DSCF3162.jpg (351083 bytes) Self Portrait
DSCF3168.jpg (41985 bytes)
DSCF3175.jpg (323887 bytes) DSCF3177.jpg (160469 bytes) Troy and Jordan, new friends
DSCF3196.jpg (4760 bytes)
DSCF3204.jpg (300147 bytes) DSCF3208.jpg (266238 bytes) DSCF3217.jpg (329682 bytes) DSCF3224.jpg (369213 bytes) DSCF3231.jpg (329074 bytes)
DSCF3234.jpg (379283 bytes) My  crew departing...
DSCF3238.jpg (343711 bytes)

Free Satellite TV!

We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to Ms. Andrea Moore, her team and all those whose efforts made possible a most enjoyable day.
- Christopher

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