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The Coulterville Pancake Breakfast ride, 06/12/05

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For today’s ride my wife Sally and I are riding w/ our close friend Steve. He rides a 98 Dyna Wideglide. ( A couple of years ago he ran into 3 Black Angus beeves at night and got banged up pretty good, nothing worse than having to eat a steak sandwich you didn’t order. All kidding aside, he almost lost his leg and is just starting to get back to some serious riding). We left Merced, headed north on Hwy 59 out through some rolling, oak covered farmland through Snelling, taking a left at Merced Falls and along the western edge of Lake McClure and up to Hwy 132. Going right it was 11 more miles to Coulterville. Not being familiar w/ the town we had to ask directions. Turns out the pancake breakfast was in the old schoolhouse. Built in 1917, it was kind of a trip to be in the classroom and imagine how it may have been to attend school there in the 20s, 30s and 40s, you know… “back in the day”. We spoke w/ our server, a student attending nearby Mariposa high school, along w/ some of the older townsfolk. The subject was the negative impact of growing development in the foothills and all agreed that progress can get out of control. After a second helping of pancakes we rode back up Hwy 132 but stayed on it until we got down to La Grange, an old mining town. We stopped in to check out the scooters at the La Grange Saloon, an historic watering hole popular w/ riders in this area. A sizable contingent w/ the Claim Jumpers rode in as well as a couple of brothers flying the colors of “International Association of Iron Workers”, one riding a very nice custom chopper, you will recognize it as the purple scooter in the image section. After shooting the breeze w/ some of the riders there we decide to call it a ride and head back home. So, back through picturesque Snelling and through some Oak covered S turns and back out of the hills. After saying good day to Steve, Sally and I get back to the house so I can post the page… RIDE
My 93 Sporty, a converted 1200 has been lowered

DSCF0846.JPG (576554 bytes)

Sally is looking at me w/ some dubiousness, not sure why.

DSCF0850.JPG (899851 bytes)

Steve getting the 'glide out.

DSCF0851.JPG (623494 bytes)

Steve's Dyna, the black tank is a replacement. Pipes are scrubbed.

DSCF0852.JPG (441396 bytes)

The road out

DSCF0877.JPG (610148 bytes)

The school house

DSCF0864.JPG (622649 bytes)


Some of the visitors came on four wheels

DSCF0857.JPG (231138 bytes)

Found a shady place to park

DSCF0860.JPG (596338 bytes)

Ready for breakfast

DSCF0859.JPG (266786 bytes)

Have a seat, my name is Ashley and I will be your server

DSCF0861.JPG (595756 bytes)

The other end of the room

DSCF0862.JPG (598036 bytes)

It is a two room school house, with indoor plumbing

DSCF0863.JPG (590098 bytes)

A stroll around the grounds

DSCF0865.JPG (614335 bytes)

Steve had to replace the forks and the front wheel as well as the tank

DSCF0866.JPG (614074 bytes)

This is a sample of the country we were riding through

DSCF0867.JPG (602712 bytes)

And this

DSCF0868.JPG (584155 bytes)

And this

DSCF0873.JPG (601628 bytes)

We like to cruise... check the speedo

DSCF0874.JPG (603872 bytes)

It's easier to take pictures at this speed

DSCF0875.JPG (622983 bytes)

La Grange

DSCF0881.JPG (604115 bytes)


DSCF0870.JPG (606455 bytes) DSCF0883.JPG (638227 bytes) DSCF0884.JPG (634325 bytes) DSCF0887.JPG (630603 bytes) DSCF0901.JPG (615464 bytes)
DSCF0903.JPG (609717 bytes) By permission

DSCF0908.JPG (167508 bytes)

Saddling up

DSCF0902.JPG (614820 bytes)

And riding out

DSCF0910.JPG (622810 bytes)

And our friends from the Iron Workers

DSCF0895.JPG (623546 bytes)

Another look

DSCF0896.JPG (285072 bytes)

DSCF0914.JPG (519790 bytes) The Rev Tech 110

DSCF0897.JPG (632560 bytes)

Steve and I at the rail

DSCF0891.JPG (612296 bytes)


DSCF0888.JPG (603359 bytes)

The custom rolling

DSCF0893.JPG (626487 bytes)

Gotta show the Sportys

DSCF0918.JPG (630417 bytes)

Time to go

DSCF0882.JPG (618588 bytes)

Back through Snelling

DSCF0921.JPG (598197 bytes)

And the ESSES

DSCF0922.JPG (629541 bytes)

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