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Sally (and Jack)

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The Old Man

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Sally's New Jacket

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John and Marilyn

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Ann and Randy

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Jay, Kelly and JC

Tom and Shelly (with Jackson)

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New Pages

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TAS Scans

Mike and Katy

Stone Spreading Service Annual Banquet

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Megan and Kit

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Kyle and Anna's Wedding
Folsom Renaissance Faire
Marilyn's Party
BBQ 09/03/06
Dan and Anita's 53rd
Our Ride to Auburn
One Jammin' Wedding!
Dave Riley's Service
Rock The Block! 04/15/06
Team Moore's Picnic
Disneyland Trip '05
BBQ 6/05/05
BBQ 5/29/05
Jordan's Graduation
Ann and Randy's Wedding
Four Legged Fun Fair
TAS Reunion Long Beach

Hope Family Gathering 01/27/07
Laurel and Adam
John and Marilyn's Anniversary
Stone Family Spreading Company Banquet photos
John Franklin Chiero III
Daniel Joseph Machado Jr.
Calaveras Celtic Fair 03/07
Megan's Graduation from Sonoma State
Anna's Baby Shower


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