Hollister Independence Day Rally, 2005

WOW! This year's Rally  was a blast. We saw a lot of AWESOME bikes and met a lot of friendly people. On Saturday I rode out at dawn w/ my friend and coworker Phil, he rides a metric but I don't hold that against him. Breakfast at Santa Nella and on to the rally. We got into town at about 8:00 am... only a few bikes on the street. Stayed until about 3:00 pm or so and rode back to Merced via Los Banos and El Nido... On Sunday I had intended to leave by 8:00 am but I was really tired from Sat so I decided not to go... However, a friend of mine named Tarue came by around 9:00 or so and asked if I was going, telling me that he would be back in a couple of hours and I agreed. Tarue rides a dual sparkplug Sporty 1200, custom tank and drag bars on 6" risers. He came back and said that our friend Steve wanted to go as well. (Steve can also be seen on the Coulterville ride page). We had a lesuerly ride out through Gustine and Santa Nella but split up pretty much just after arriving in Hollister. At the end of the day Tarue and I rode back together via Santa Nella and Gustine... 

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The Sun coming up over Merced.
DSCF1283.JPG (158844 bytes)
Phil and I getting ready to ride.
DSCF1284.JPG (627210 bytes)
The Sunrise found us riding out the 140 towards Gustine and Hollister.
DSCF1304.JPG (64014 bytes)
Looking towards the face of the Dam and the Pacheco Pass.
DSCF1321.JPG (84564 bytes)
Shadow of the dawn.
DSCF1328.JPG (610096 bytes)
The first of the scooters, we met these nice people in Santa Nella as we came out from breakfast.
DSCF1336.JPG (624647 bytes)
Phil checking out a nice Indian at Santa Nella.
DSCF1337.JPG (608349 bytes)
Starting up Pacheco Pass.

DSCF1347.JPG (145971 bytes)

And we got a chilly supprise at the top. It was freezing cold, at least for California in the summertime.
DSCF1358.JPG (114662 bytes)
Freezing and  foggy... Almost went into a speed wobble from shivering.
DSCF1359.JPG (586712 bytes)
We saw this one at Casa de Fruta.
DSCF1360.JPG (490478 bytes)
And this one as well.
DSCF1361.JPG (386082 bytes)
And this Pan

DSCF1364.JPG (620627 bytes)

And our first Sportster, (Not counting mine). Looks like he came a ways.
.DSCF1366.JPG (492644 bytes)
San Benito street at 8:00 am, plenty of parking at this hour...
DSCF1368.JPG (625312 bytes)
Looking up San Benito to see some of the early birds arriving.
DSCF1370.JPG (272945 bytes)
Our next Sportster, I like the clean lines of this one.
DSCF1372.JPG (461762 bytes)
A group of early arrivals from Visalia.
DSCF1373.JPG (294935 bytes)
DSCF1377.JPG (428249 bytes) I thought that this tank was kind of interesting, that and my reflection is visible on the console.
DSCF1379.JPG (266057 bytes)
A cool flame job going down San Benito
DSCF1385.JPG (115520 bytes)
Detail from the rear fender of the flame job...
DSCF1405.JPG (598584 bytes)
DSCF1387.JPG (192951 bytes) DSCF1388.JPG (472033 bytes) DSCF1389.JPG (639880 bytes)
DSCF1390.JPG (454555 bytes) DSCF1391.JPG (614251 bytes) DSCF1392.JPG (483286 bytes) I really liked this one...
DSCF1393.JPG (638486 bytes)
DSCF1394.JPG (650490 bytes)
DSCF1396.JPG (505006 bytes) DSCF1398.JPG (635229 bytes) And a detail shot of the tank, I thought this was great!
DSCF1397.JPG (620942 bytes)
Another Indian
DSCF1407.JPG (621266 bytes)
A nice sunburst flame job...
DSCF1409.JPG (617996 bytes)
DSCF1417.JPG (564164 bytes) DSCF1419.JPG (625731 bytes) DSCF1425.JPG (587266 bytes) DSCF1426.JPG (539201 bytes) Another Sporty
DSCF1431.JPG (629055 bytes)

Only 8:30 and the curbs are filling and folks are starting to park in the middle.
DSCF1432.JPG (627821 bytes)
DSCF1433.JPG (631377 bytes) DSCF1437.JPG (621695 bytes) An Evo trike
DSCF1440.JPG (411721 bytes)
Another angle
DSCF1445.JPG (624982 bytes)
DSCF1452.JPG (547443 bytes) DSCF1453.JPG (638434 bytes) DSCF1455.JPG (630244 bytes) Detail of the chain guard...

DSCF1457.JPG (616055 bytes)
DSCF1456.JPG (622887 bytes)
A really clean trike
DSCF1459.JPG (534664 bytes)
Another angle...
DSCF1460.JPG (627414 bytes)
Old school chopper
DSCF1461.JPG (636400 bytes)
A fan of ol' Blue Eyes
DSCF1464.JPG (631487 bytes)
Detail of the tank
DSCF1465.JPG (616952 bytes)
A clean Road King w/ a T-Bag touring kit
DSCF1467.JPG (625274 bytes)
For Sale 408-234-4195
DSCF1469.JPG (458033 bytes)
The Honda stretch coming in...
DSCF1471.JPG (307602 bytes)
This Honda stretch dates back to '77 and was dad's bike, he is now riding the scoot in the next frame...
DSCF1496.JPG (632429 bytes)
DSCF1499.JPG (630554 bytes)
A nice paint job on this Sporty, and check the mirror on the right...LOL
DSCF1470.JPG (627774 bytes)
Detail of the tank
DSCF1475.JPG (236923 bytes)
Another Sporty
DSCF1477.JPG (621645 bytes)
One of Arlen Ness' bikes
DSCF1482.JPG (540379 bytes)
Flip side...
DSCF1483.JPG (476451 bytes)
Hot off the presses
DSCF1484.JPG (303880 bytes)
DSCF1486.JPG (515120 bytes) DSCF1487.JPG (349077 bytes) Checking out a custom from Lowlife Kustoms www.lowlife-kustoms.com
DSCF1491.JPG (481879 bytes)
A vid clip w/ sample of the sound system...
DSCF1490.JPG (374050 bytes)
DSCF1488.JPG (366206 bytes) DSCF1494.JPG (620022 bytes) DSCF1495.JPG (613260 bytes) A Hugger
DSCF1498.JPG (434239 bytes)
DSCF1500.JPG (449676 bytes)
DSCF1501.JPG (617933 bytes) DSCF1502.JPG (631225 bytes) DSCF1504.JPG (614857 bytes) Side hack
DSCF1505.JPG (216296 bytes)
DSCF1506.JPG (442159 bytes)
DSCF1509.JPG (511252 bytes) DSCF1510.JPG (301092 bytes) DSCF1511.JPG (476406 bytes) V-6 Valkryie
DSCF1512.JPG (302048 bytes)
DSCF1514.JPG (274776 bytes)
DSCF1515.JPG (171524 bytes) DSCF1516.JPG (380145 bytes) DSCF1517.JPG (436219 bytes) Russ Brown's booth
DSCF1518.JPG (387168 bytes)
A nice looking Buell
DSCF1519.JPG (135510 bytes)
DSCF1520.JPG (619320 bytes) I liked the paint job on this Sporty
DSCF1521.JPG (623673 bytes)
Front view
DSCF1522.JPG (506520 bytes)
DSCF1523.JPG (679956 bytes) DSCF1524.JPG (419110 bytes)
DSCF1525.JPG (624774 bytes) A Sporty w/ a Hypercharger
DSCF1526.JPG (590630 bytes)
But the owner doesn't like it. (Left the keys in the ingnition).
DSCF1528.JPG (214839 bytes) (You can see the flame job from the last frame across the street...)
DSCF1529.JPG (419729 bytes)
DSCF1530.JPG (425051 bytes)
DSCF1531.JPG (367038 bytes) DSCF1532.JPG (497418 bytes) DSCF1533.JPG (168623 bytes) DSCF1534.JPG (555737 bytes) DSCF1535.JPG (580499 bytes)
DSCF1536.JPG (579124 bytes) Check the detail on the rocker boxes
DSCF1537.JPG (629909 bytes)
DSCF1538.JPG (148077 bytes) DSCF1539.JPG (608780 bytes) Heritage Softail
DSCF1543.JPG (510024 bytes)
DSCF1545.JPG (522088 bytes) DSCF1547.JPG (641229 bytes) Here is an awesome Indian
DSCF1549.JPG (468558 bytes)
DSCF1550.JPG (560308 bytes) DSCF1551.JPG (630141 bytes)
DSCF1552.JPG (582773 bytes) DSCF1553.JPG (633811 bytes) Boss Hog
DSCF1554.JPG (683976 bytes)
Hot Granny and a familiar flame job in the background
DSCF1556.JPG (246288 bytes)
DSCF1557.JPG (624554 bytes)
DSCF1558.JPG (607616 bytes) DSCF1560.JPG (484814 bytes) DSCF1561.JPG (460609 bytes) Semper Fi - Do or Die
DSCF1562.JPG (419641 bytes)
Notice anything special about this Scooter?
DSCF1563.JPG (513852 bytes)
The answer on the next page

You can purchase a CD w/ all of the pictures, unedited and uncropped for $10.00 + $3.50 S&H. Email me for more details.

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