Hollister Independence Day Rally, 2005

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Here is page four. These pictures from from approx 2:00 pm to approx 3:10 pm on Saturday. (125 pictures taken in just over an hour). My goal was to take a bunch of pictures but I ended up trying to capture the experience. There is just too much going on to get it all so if you weren't there you can't know. It's okay, there is always next year... and Hollister is so close for us westies. There are still some pictures from Saturday to load before we get to Sunday...

DSCF1876.JPG (526577 bytes) DSCF1877.JPG (613099 bytes) DSCF1878.JPG (515640 bytes) DSCF1879.JPG (380682 bytes) DSCF1880.JPG (504430 bytes)
DSCF1881.JPG (634882 bytes) DSCF1882.JPG (630665 bytes)
DSCF1883.JPG (627083 bytes)
DSCF1884.JPG (434890 bytes) DSCF1885.JPG (588520 bytes)
DSCF1886.JPG (681427 bytes) DSCF1887.JPG (457634 bytes) DSCF1888.JPG (477892 bytes) DSCF1889.JPG (519572 bytes) DSCF1890.JPG (572687 bytes)
DSCF1891.JPG (399511 bytes) DSCF1892.JPG (650585 bytes) DSCF1893.JPG (388811 bytes) DSCF1894.JPG (247224 bytes) DSCF1895.JPG (355322 bytes)
DSCF1896.JPG (448363 bytes) DSCF1897.JPG (496982 bytes) Doggy Daddy
DSCF1898.JPG (613845 bytes)
And Spuds McKenzie?
DSCF1899.JPG (606494 bytes)
DSCF1900.JPG (374644 bytes)
DSCF1901.JPG (582145 bytes) DSCF1902.JPG (409734 bytes) And a little bit of Law Enforcement
DSCF1903.JPG (624940 bytes)
DSCF1904.JPG (222271 bytes) DSCF1905.JPG (513243 bytes)
DSCF1906.JPG (566444 bytes) DSCF1907.JPG (428414 bytes) DSCF1909.JPG (490926 bytes) DSCF1910.JPG (478721 bytes) DSCF1911.JPG (625292 bytes)
DSCF1912.JPG (460059 bytes) DSCF1913.JPG (478350 bytes) These ladies seem to be attracting a little attention
DSCF1914.JPG (397389 bytes)
DSCF1915.JPG (583390 bytes) DSCF1916.JPG (533948 bytes)
DSCF1917.JPG (547514 bytes) DSCF1918.JPG (608449 bytes) DSCF1919a.JPG (995949 bytes)
DSCF1921.JPG (53641 bytes) I liked this Sporty
DSCF1922.JPG (726664 bytes)
DSCF1923.JPG (592537 bytes) DSCF1924.JPG (633006 bytes) DSCF1925.JPG (422395 bytes) DSCF1926.JPG (545649 bytes) DSCF1927.JPG (526603 bytes)
DSCF1928.JPG (451225 bytes) DSCF1929.JPG (451187 bytes) DSCF1930.JPG (445554 bytes) DSCF1931.JPG (446987 bytes) DSCF1932.JPG (365770 bytes)
DSCF1933.JPG (645337 bytes)
DSCF1934.JPG (616082 bytes)

DSCF1935.JPG (373270 bytes)
DSCF1936.JPG (603220 bytes)
DSCF1937.JPG (595020 bytes)
DSCF1938.JPG (525992 bytes)
DSCF1939.JPG (592958 bytes)
DSCF1940.JPG (150091 bytes)
DSCF1941.JPG (97490 bytes)
DSCF1942.JPG (705484 bytes)

DSCF1943.JPG (564344 bytes)
DSCF1944.JPG (623341 bytes)
DSCF1945.JPG (432918 bytes)

DSCF1946.JPG (538248 bytes)
DSCF1947.JPG (456439 bytes)
DSCF1948.JPG (648339 bytes) DSCF1949.JPG (499309 bytes) DSCF1950.JPG (531896 bytes) DSCF1951.JPG (627272 bytes) DSCF1952.JPG (547758 bytes)
DSCF1954.JPG (240153 bytes) These nice folks have been here before, dad is wearing an '04 shirt and Jr. is wearing an '02 shirt
DSCF1955.JPG (307690 bytes)
And so have these folks
DSCF1956.JPG (644035 bytes)
DSCF1957.JPG (639172 bytes) DSCF1958.JPG (509552 bytes)
DSCF1959.JPG (535591 bytes) DSCF1960.JPG (518857 bytes) DSCF1961.JPG (562677 bytes) DSCF1962.JPG (553097 bytes) DSCF1964.JPG (625189 bytes)
The group came in big and I would have to say several hundred strong.
DSCF1965.JPG (512281 bytes)
DSCF1967.JPG (521980 bytes) DSCF1968.JPG (405084 bytes) DSCF1969.JPG (514159 bytes) The crowd pretty much stopped whatever they were doing to watch the entrance of the Red & White and affiliates
DSCF1966.JPG (27464 bytes)
DSCF1971.JPG (662128 bytes)
DSCF1972.JPG (736985 bytes) DSCF1973.JPG (662468 bytes) DSCF1974.JPG (608929 bytes) DSCF1975.JPG (644805 bytes)
DSCF1976.JPG (673374 bytes) DSCF1977.JPG (657551 bytes) DSCF1978.JPG (684175 bytes) DSCF1979.JPG (647081 bytes) DSCF1980.JPG (558441 bytes)
DSCF1981.JPG (469446 bytes) A couple of metrics were holding up traffic up the street
DSCF1982.JPG (462198 bytes)
DSCF1983.JPG (640949 bytes) DSCF1984.JPG (635171 bytes) DSCF1985.JPG (557956 bytes)
DSCF1986.JPG (605006 bytes) DSCF1987.JPG (547820 bytes) DSCF1988.JPG (521491 bytes) Sorry about the head clip, I guess I was focusing on the bike
DSCF1989.JPG (637870 bytes)
I think these are the tallest apes so far...
DSCF1990.JPG (542769 bytes)
DSCF1991.JPG (381696 bytes) 3:00 pm on Sat and they are still rolling by
DSCF1992.JPG (413099 bytes)
This one is pretty and unique, talk about your rough riders, and the strategically placed fringe...
DSCF1993.JPG (654872 bytes)
Note the Benjamins on the tank
DSCF1994.JPG (623508 bytes)
DSCF1995.JPG (596194 bytes)
DSCF1996.JPG (609050 bytes) DSCF1997.JPG (385933 bytes) This one has been in the background of a lot of shots, we finally get a good look
DSCF1998.JPG (405946 bytes)
DSCF1999.JPG (407195 bytes) These shots document the process of parking as someone pulls out, it tends to put a cramp on the traffic flow
DSCF2000.JPG (621565 bytes)
DSCF2001.JPG (627281 bytes) DSCF2002.JPG (621550 bytes) DSCF2003.JPG (299338 bytes) The girl in this shot does not appear to be having fun... not sure about the police officer either
DSCF2004.JPG (625353 bytes)
The Sgt. has instructed me to stay out of the street, putting a crimp on my handing out cards and taking pictures....Hope he gets promoted before next year
DSCF2005.JPG (619677 bytes)

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