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In the central valley of California, July means Hollister! As the local rep for Biker Doo it was my pleasure and duty to visit and introduce our product to the vendors... We're not really in a position to book a concession this year but have big plans for the future. Anyway, back to the ride. I went down on Friday, July 11th by myself to rep our stuff to the vendors... The crowds were not so large on Friday so I was able to get around w/ some ease and got some great photos of some of the bikes on display. As I had an appointment in Merced later in the afternoon I wasn't able to stay too long... One sour note, on the way back to Merced I was given a ticket in Los Banos... They were still feeling the heat from an altercation a couple of weeks prior between the HAs and the Mongols in a local park so the enforcement was ratcheted up a notch or two... Otherwise the ride was fun... Across the valley and over the Pacheco pass. It's pretty warm in the valley and then on the pass things start to cool down, a real relief from the valley temps... Down the hill, past Casa de Fruta and on into Hollister... Ask anyone who comes in from that direction...    

08_HOLLISTER_MAP.jpg (308251 bytes)
The event map
P1280696.jpg (52038 bytes)
I stopped at Golden Valley HD in Los Banos on the way, I thought this scooter was pretty nice
P1280699.jpg (86368 bytes)
The scooter in the foreground was also very clean
P1280701.jpg (79306 bytes)
Here is a cool hardtail pan parked on East St, where I first parked... Across from the VFW.
P1280703.jpg (87856 bytes)
Here is a series of pretty cool bikes
P1280704.jpg (99409 bytes) P1280705.jpg (77030 bytes)
P1280706.jpg (79198 bytes) P1280707.jpg (105260 bytes) P1280708.jpg (79068 bytes)
P1280709.jpg (87070 bytes) P1280711.jpg (107699 bytes) P1280715.jpg (71680 bytes)
The nice folks from were there.
P1280718.jpg (62147 bytes)
These nostalgiacycles are for sale
P1280717.jpg (77686 bytes) P1280726.jpg (77137 bytes)
My man Steve Miller making his pitch...
P1280721.jpg (64227 bytes)
The streets were kinda empty
P1280727.jpg (56506 bytes)
A couple of the Top Hatters stopped me for a shot
P1280728.jpg (109732 bytes)
She wanted her picture taken as well
P1280731.jpg (120640 bytes)
These bikes were in the Vendor Village at Monterey and 4th
P1280732.jpg (74551 bytes) P1280733.jpg (82674 bytes)
Christie from Lick Ink
P1280735.jpg (102471 bytes)
The entrance to Vendor Village was not fully inflated...
P1280736.jpg (64432 bytes)
This scooter w/ sidehack went by before I could take the shot
P1280737.jpg (64779 bytes)
Looking up Monterey from 5th towards the Vendor Village on the NW corner of Monterey and 4th...

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