Jim "Longburst" Dumas' 90th birthday observance
at the Merced Airport 02/24/07

I read the story on the right and decided to attend. I arrived about 1:30 and had some of the delightful cake and then proceeded out to the tarmac to observe the activities. When I got outside Mr. Dumas was posing for pictures in front of the P-40 E that flew in. I kind of stayed back until towards the end. But several times I couldn't help but overhear stories from some of the older gentlemen there. One had been a B-24 pilot in the Pacific... Another a P-38 pilot. They were reminiscing and sharing some of the events of the bygone era. As Tony Banta was preparing to take off Mr. Dumas returned to the tarmac for some final photographs. I then approached Mr. Dumas for my photograph.
-The Old Man
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DSCF3323.JPG (310958 bytes) Mr. Banta's aircraft is such a fine example of the type that I could not help but want to capture it from all angles... I have reduced the resolution of these images but if you would like, I have full resolution copies I can email.
-The Old Man
DSCF3331.JPG (1358436 bytes)
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