This is the Model 247, an early twin engine monoplane built by Boeing that is a direct precursor to the model 299. Though not a major commercial success, it was an excellent stepping stone to the later designs.

The year 1933 was extremely important in the history of air transport for it was then that the two original ancestors of the modern airliner appeared. One was the Douglas DC-1, which first flew in July, and the other was the Boeing Model 247, which first flew as a prototype on February 8,1933. Specifications Boeing Model 247D;Engines (two) 410 kW. (550 hp) Pratt & Whitney R-1340-S1H1G Wasp Radials, Wing Span; 22.56 m. (74' 0"), Length 15.72 m. (51' 7"), Maximum take off weight; 6,193 kg. (13,650 lbs.), Maximum cruising speed; 304 km/h. (189 mph.), Range; 1,207 km. (750 miles.)

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