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Laughlin River Run 2005

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These are shots of my brother, a friend and I on the way to Laughlin for the River Run, 2005.

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Indian Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

A collections of scooters, including an Indian, a custom w/ a Porcelain China finish, an old Honda, the bikes lined up in the morning at Davis Camp along the river, some other nice bikes and a four wheeled Sportster among others.

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Some of the sights... the sun setting behind clouds over Laughlin, Billy Lane, a parking garage w/ bikes lining the rails, Mike outside the Sand Bar, Mike cleaning his putt, Kay Wilson, Mike and Me. Me fixing the vacuum leak caused when the petcock on the King Sportster tank I added for the trip cracked the cap on the carburetor. Mike outside the Colorado Bell. Ben, Ben and Rodney, and then me on the Sporty heading out on the last day.

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