My Music
(either written or co-written by me)

I am a guitarist, been playing since I was in my early teens. I enjoy alltypes of music but for my own playing my preference is for Rock and Blues. Iattend shows regularly and will post music and pictures from them whenappropriate. Check back often for updates as this area is the original purposeof my publishing a web site.

-The Kid

It appears that Google dumped all my stuff so I have updated the first one to be a playlist on youTube of what I have avalable online. Ignore the rest of the embeds... They dead links now...

Towers In The Clouds was written while I was on the Carnival circuit in Texas...

No Sense, was written many years ago in Vallejo, CA as I was sitting in the "back lot" of a small traveling carnival... It was written for the young ladies working on the show at that time... It's a little unpracticed but I wanted to get it online...

The Way You Make Me Feel - I wrote this song for my loving and beautiful wife Sally. It's as true today as it was then. When you click on the link there will be a little bit of a delay and then it will pull up a player and give you audio only. But I think it's a cool little piece of music that I hope you'll like!

Sail On - The first germ of this song came about when my oldest brother was sailing the Pacific Ocean but was overdue... I guess it was as much of a prayer as anything else. Later, my good friend Robert G. Parker and I worked on it and we wrote the first two verses and he re-arranged the chorus. Later, a very close and dear friend, Vance Michael "Mike" Rigg died. I decided to play this song as a tribute at his memorial service, but it needed one more verse, so the night before the service the last verse was added.

Night Mission is still a little bit rough

This one was first a guitar exercise that for some reason suggested to me the phrase "Hey Jodie"... And Bob Parker and I took it from there.

Four Dark Walls

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