Open Cockpit Day, Castle Museum

Jordan and I at Castle Air Museum's open cockpit day. I am posting some of the better shots. I did not get all the pictures I would have liked to, so I have goals for next years Open Cockpit Day...                        - The Kid

SR-71 Blackbird at the start of the day DSCF0205.JPG (1420177 bytes)

Lockheed 18 Loadstar exterior, passenger/cargo space and flight controls DSCF0208.JPG (1374771 bytes)DSCF0210.JPG (1371694 bytes)DSCF0211.JPG (1395801 bytes)
At the controls of a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, this type is the star of "Flight of the Phoenix", both the old one w/ James Stewart and Earnest Borgnine and the new one.  DSCF0258.JPG (1336739 bytes)DSCF0289.JPG (1342215 bytes)DSCF0285.JPG (1337131 bytes)

Virgin's Delight, B-17G, she's been gutted and has no radio compartment, though her Ball Turret is mostly intact. Jordan in the tail gunner's position. DSCF0303.JPG (1362664 bytes)DSCF0305.JPG (1334762 bytes)DSCF0304.JPG (1428717 bytes)
B-52 Stratofortress exterior, a shot of the Bombardiers Station from the Navigator's seat and upstairs on the flight deck. We had to get an appointment to tour this aircraft. DSCF0312.JPG (1375539 bytes)DSCF0314.JPG (1335686 bytes)DSCF0317.JPG (1399517 bytes)
Douglas B-18 Bolo, unfortunately this one is not open to the public. DSCF0218.JPG (1364805 bytes)DSCF0323.JPG (1340512 bytes)
Also a video clip from inside the C-46 Commando, Jordan was a little scared due to disorientation of the slanted deck of the parked aircraft. DSCF0227a.jpg (27192 bytes)

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