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The Ride to Twain Harte, 06/24/06

The heat in the San Joaquin valley was going to be very difficult to take this day, so we decided to take a ride to someplace cool. Our good friend and fellow rider Steve suggested going up into the hills to a little village just at the snow line called Twain Harte.. I had a fuel tank at Road Dog Cycles so we stopped in there to pick that up. I bungeed it into my T-Bag as best as I could, then we rode out to Oakdale and had breakfast at a place called the Corner cafe. After that we rode up to Jamestown and stopped at a couple of  local shops, ROAD RASH leather company for a set of chaps and the Just Be Paws for a gift for our dachshund, Jack. We got him a leather hat... he didn't seem to like it much Ha! Ha! . From there we rode up to Twain Harte, to a place called The Rock and found a place in the shade to put the bikes, then found a place in the shade for ourselves. The owners, Jim and Diane were very nice and told us a little about the history of their bar and some to the doings going on around town. Our waitresses, Crystal and Ashley were just a delight as well. Crystal's brother was home from the Navy, on leave, just back from a Med Cruise I think she said, that's why she appears in a different shirt in the later pictures. We spent several hours on the veranda sipping iced tea and snacking on chips and salsa and delicious buffalo wings prepared by chef Dan. Then we went down to the park for the weekly free concert. This week Jana and friends were performing their favorite jazz. Refreshments were available at the concession stand though many brought their own. Well, we had to head out and you can see from the pictures that the surroundings begged us to stay but we rolled out through the foothills and stopped to take some pictures. I spotted a rabbit running up the hill behind Sally as she took a shot of Steve and I... you can see me pointing it out to Steve in one of the last pictures. The sunset was awesome as evidenced by the shots of that... We determined that we would have to take that ride again, soon.. Real soon!
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We stop at this bench whenever we are in Jimtown
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I can't remember what I said but Sally couldn't stop laughing
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Crystal was very kind to us and tolerated our mischievousness...
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